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Social responsibility charter

Voyages Josy Clement commits itself to integrate the principles of the social responsibility into its main and core activities, related to the economic development, the respect of individuals and the protection of the environment.

Our commitment to the environment :
The reduction of greenhouse emissions
The use of renewable energy sources
The promotion of sustainable construction processes
The decrease of noise pollution

Our commitment to our staff :
The guarantee of health and security at work
The promotion of equal opportunities and the development of personal skills
The development of labor cohesion and well-being at work
The identification of their expectations
The implementation of an internal communication plan

Our commitment to our customers and suppliers :
The establishment of confidence relationships
Responsible purchasing
The commitment for ethics in business and legal compliance
The maintaining of the quality label for social responsibility and the implementation of its action plan

Our commitment to our society :
The contribution to the local and regional development
The contribution to other communities
The value creation on the economic level
The commitment to cultural and social diversity